Prayer is the raising of the heart and mind to God.
We can only truly know God by prayer.
This will not bring miracles; it will give us daily strength and a meaning for living.

Prayer is like a good meal, we become hungry for more each day.

We can pray with words or simply be silent Before God.
It is good to know the basic prayers by heart.
The best way to start to pray is simply to say the Prayer Jesus taught us.
The Our Father, three times each day.
We could them meditate on its words.
After this start, simply to talk to God, thank him for our lives, family and friends.

It is good to have set times for prayer each day if possible.
It is always good to pray first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

Please remember that all Christian prayer is to God Our Father, through Jesus Christ and in the Holy Spirit.

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A Parish Prayer

Pour out your sprit upon us
and grant us a new vision of your glory,
A new experience of your power,
A new faithfulness to your word,
And a new consecration to your service,
That your love may grow among us,
And your kingdom come;
Through Christ Our Lord.